The Learning Shelter

Making Better Futures Through Making

What is The Learning Shelter?

The Learning Shelter is a new way of helping the homeless.

We empower able-minded men and women to have the best opportunities to discover a new direction in their lives through mentorship, the learning of high-demand skills, and job placement.

From 3D printing to local manufacturing, we're bringing communities together to see what the future of jobs training programs can look like.


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Our Program

For 90 days, candidates of The Learning Shelter are exposed to mentors, instructors, and skills that will enable them to achieve real personal growth while opening up new job opportunities.

The skills we currently focus on are digital fabrication techniques such as CNC milling, CAD, 3D printing, laser-cutting, vinyl cutting, and silkscreening.

Check out our program outline below:

The Learning Shelter has been aided throughout development by support from the San Francisco community.

We'd like to thank all who have helped thus far in tackling this challenge head-on, and giving tangible hope to several homeless.

Of course, there's more work to be done! We welcome you to join us in trying to make a dent in homelessness by being part of a new approach to civic development.